Charleroi separates from Felice Mazzù

“The current state of the club is not acceptable and significant changes must take place”, we can read in the Sporting press release. One of them was to dismiss Felice Mazzù, who returned a little over a year ago after his failure at Anderlecht.

“It is important to recognize that this decision does not place full responsibility on Felice for our current situation”, Charleroi nuance. Stuck in the fight for survival, the Zebras nevertheless needed an electric shock and as is often the case in these cases, the first fuse to blow is the coach.

Frank Defays will act as interim coach while awaiting the appointment of a new head coach.

Furthermore, the board of directors has decided to develop a bold new strategy “for Sporting to become a high-level competitor focused on excellence, responsibility and results.” New investor David Helmer will lead this strategic process.

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