Charleroi overthrow Kortrijk and win a crucial match after added time (1-2)

The first period was very poor in chances, despite a few offensives from De Mil's men but Dabbagh, Zagence and Heymans failed to deceive Pirard. By missing opportunities, the Zebras were punished just before the break, on the only real opportunity in Kortrijk. Lonely at the far post after a corner, Davies deceives Koffi and opens the scoring. Also note the injury exit of P├ętris shortly after the tenth minute of play after a first period to forget for Sporting.

Charleroi, however, began the second period with better intentions and were rewarded in the 55th minute. Guiagon is launched on his flank and sends a cross for Dabbagh. The attacker then misses his recovery but Bernier emerges at the right time to place a powerful shot which leaves Pirard no chance.

The rest of the meeting is very poor in chances despite some scares for the Zebras after Koffi's rough exits. But as we were heading towards a split, Dari received a corner and delivered an entire club at the end of added time.

With a record of four points out of six, the Carolos keep the lead in the Playdowns with six points ahead of the RWDM and eight over Kortrijk and Eupen. De Mil's men will host the Pandas next Sunday.

Relive the meeting live:

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