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British submarine rescued moments before “nuclear disaster”

The Sun newspaper reported that British submarine With 140 people on board, it was preparing to patrol the Atlantic Ocean when its depth sensors malfunctioned. As a result of the malfunction, the submarine, which was carrying Trident 2 ballistic missiles, almost entered a “dangerous zone.”

A source told the newspaper, “It is not the engineers’ job to control the depth of the submarine, but they saw how deep it was and realized that something was wrong.”

“Technically, the Vanguard was still at a depth where we knew it could operate, but if it had to go that deep, the entire crew would be sent to work stations,” he added.

A spokesman said British Navy: “We do not comment on operations. Our submarines continue to deploy around the world to protect our national interests.”

Britain has four Vanguard-class submarines, but only two of them are currently operational. One is undergoing a major refurbishment and the other is undergoing sea trials after repairs that were £300 million over budget.

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