BNXT playoffs: Liège dark at the Coast, Limburg surprises Antwerp in the first round of the semi-finals

To be able to worry a team like the BCO in the playoffs on your home field, you have to be almost impeccable and hope for a slight drop in performance from them. None of that happened this Wednesday during an evening which turned into a real nightmare for the troops of coach Alex Zampier, who very quickly appeared helpless in the face of the situation. In just a few minutes, the confidence accumulated by the Liégeois in recent weeks was reduced to nothing.

The visitors' game plan at the start of the game was to take advantage of their physical power in the inside game to put the opponent under pressure. But the Ostend defense had obviously prepared well for the attack by displaying the necessary response in this sector. If Anosike, the robust American, was the best player on the Liège side with 19 points, he had difficulty finishing at the start of the game. It was enough for the Ostenders, also uncompromising on the offensive level, to take off in the first quarter (27-14).

And the gap continued to climb towards the break (46-27), notably under the onslaught of American winger Damien Jefferson. The season MVP was elusive and already had 16 points at halftime (18 total). The contrast between the two teams was striking, like Angel Rodriguez, usual metronome of the Liège attack, completely transparent (0 out of 5 on shots).

But it was the entire Mosan collective that got through it. Even if the second half, devoid of suspense, ultimately did not turn into humiliation. In any case, major adjustments will be necessary in the Liège camp between now and the second round on Friday to balance the debates.

Ostend: 22/32 (2 pts); 7/19 (3 ​​pts); 20/37 (lfs); 39 rbs; 16 ass; 23 feasts.

SALUMU 2, TASS 1, JEFFERSON 18, GILLET 4, AHMAD 11, Buysse 5, Mennes 10, Van Rossom 10, Buysschaert 11, Bratanovic 5, Verstraete 2, Pintelon 3.

Liège: 16/41 (2 pts); 7/19 (3 ​​pts); 11/20 (lfs); 36 rbs; 9 ass; 34 feasts.

ANOSIKE 19, HAGINS 6, BOGAERTS 8, RODRIGUEZ 0, TROISFONTAINES 3, Njeanwobe 3, Bojovic 2, Noterman 10, Tumba 11, Cambo 2.

Quarters: 27-14, 19-13, 17-14, 19-23.

Limburg regains home advantage

Balanced in the first act, the duel between Antwerp and Limburg United then gradually turned to the advantage of the Limburgers during the second quarter. Trailing 35-39 at rest, the Giants were then up to 13 lengths behind visitors led by Myles Cale (19 points) and an excellent Quentin Serron (16 points). Rasir Bolton (15 points) long limited in the Antwerp camp, Roby Rogier (12 points) and especially Justice Sueing (22 points, 6 rebounds) tried to take over. Back at 76-79 and 12 seconds to play, Antwerp were unable to reverse the course of the game. With this immediate success, the winners of the Belgian Cup regain home advantage in this best-of-five series.

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