Biggest Questions The Final Saga Will Answer


  • Final Saga of One Piece promises to unveil long-held secrets like the Void Century and the identity of Imu and Nerfertari Lily.
  • Fans eagerly await answers about ancient mysteries, like the disappearance of Lunarians and Buccaneers, and the creation of Devil Fruits.
  • The Final Saga will finally reveal the truth behind the grand treasure left behind by Joy Boy on the Final Island, the One Piece.

One Piece is finally tackling the Final Saga, and this part of the story is going to be the most exciting one, hands down. The Egghead Island arc, which is the beginning of the Final Saga, has already surpassed all expectations, and fans can only expect better things from this saga as the story continues.


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Of course, most importantly, the Final Saga will reveal all the major secrets that Oda has held for many years, and every single fan of the story is incredibly excited to see that. Out of many head-scratching questions that the fans have, there are a few that they want the answers to more than any others.

10 What Happened During The Void Century?

The Void Century Is One Piece’s Biggest Secret

kozuki toki one piece

When one thinks about the mysteries of the One Piece world, the Void Century comes to mind. This was a whole century from 800 to 900 years ago about which mankind knows nothing about at this point in time.

The World Government was created at the end of the Void Century, and all information about it has since then been erased. At the same time, studying about it is deemed to be a crime.

9 Who Is Nerona Imu?

The Person Who Sits The Empty Throne Is Mysterious

imu one piece chapter 1084

One of the biggest mysteries that fans currently do not have an answer to is the identity of Imu. It was recently revealed that Imu was actually one of the Founding 20 and belonged to the Nerona Family. Still, this is not enough for the fans.

They need to know exactly who Imu was, where they came from, and how they got themself into a power position during the Void Century. Hopefully, Oda will reveal the answers in the Final Saga.

8 What Happened To Nerfertari Lily?

The Queen Of Arabasta Died Mysteriously

Nefertari Lily from One Piece

Nefertari Lily was also one of the Founding 20. However, unlike the other 19 families, she did not move to Marijoa, and instead decided that her duty was to help people, who were in Arabasta.

Lily was somehow involved in a conspiracy against the World Government as she helped spread Poneglyphs all over the world after the Kozuki created them. She never made it back home from Marijoa to Arabasta. What exactly happened to her and how she died remains unknown.

7 What Happened To The Lunarians?

The Gods Of The World Simply Vanished

Unmasked King Staring At Zoro In One Piece

The Lunarians were once known as the Gods of the world. 400 years ago, they lived atop the Red Line, in the same place where Marijoa currently rests.

This was once a very prominent group of individuals who were even worshiped by the people of the One Piece world. Exactly how they disappear and why King is the last known survivor remains to be seen.

6 Who Are The Buccaneers?

The Buccaneers Were Exterminated


The Buccaneers are another race of people that were introduced to the fans very recently. Kuma, a member of the Revolutionary Army, is the last known Buccaneer alive at this point in the story.


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The Buccaneers appear to have been eliminated by the World Government. However, the circumstances surrounding those events remain unknown. Furthermore, the Buccaneers also possess a special power, however, Oda has not revealed what this ability is just yet.

5 How Did Devil Fruits Come Into Existence?

The Truth About The Devil Fruits Is Unknown

Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits have existed for quite a long time in the One Piece world. According to Vegapunk, Devil Fruits are a result of the desires of humanity. Since the desires go against nature’s natural evolution, the mother sea decides to hate those who consume Devil Fruits, which is why they sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Still, it does not explain how Devil Fruits came into existence and who was the first Devil Fruit user in the One Piece world.

4 What Is The Meaning Of The D?

The D Are A Mysterious People


One of the biggest mysteries in One Piece remains to be the one surrounding the initial D that a lot of individuals hold in their name.

The D has been prevalent in One Piece, and it is believed that they always follow a checkered fate. What exactly the D is remains unknown, however, what fans do know is that they were the enemies of the Celestial Dragons, specifically Saint Imu.

3 What Are The Ancient Weapons?

The Ancient Weapons Exist For A Reason

Shirahoshi from One Piece

Long ago, those of the Ancient Kingdom created the Ancient Weapons to combat against the power of the Founding 20. These Ancient Weapons were incredibly powerful. Fans know the names of all three of them to be Pluton, a giant warship, Poseidon, the Mermaid Princess capable of controlling the Sea Kings, and Uranus.

Exactly what circumstances they were created under and how remains unknown. Uranus, in particular, still remains a mystery, and fans will surely find out more about it later down the line.

2 What Was The Name Of The Ancient Kingdom?

The Ancient Kingdom’s Name Is Still Hidden

Clover talks about the Ancient Kingdom

The Ancient Kingdom is at the center of the Void Century in the One Piece world. This Kingdom is believed to have been a very advanced society, such that even the technology of today that Vegapunk created is not comparable to it. This is one of the reasons why it was destroyed by the Founding 20, who collaborated and waged war on them.

In a war that lasted nearly 100 years, the Founding 20 eventually crushed the Ancient Kingdom. All records about it have since then been erased. However, the Final Saga will unearth everything about the Ancient Kingdom, from its name all the way down to its entire history.

1 What Is The One Piece?

The Treasure Is Left Behind By Joy Boy

joy boy buccaneer alive one piece

Of course, the biggest question that the Final Saga will answer is pertaining to the grand treasure that Joy Boy left behind on the Final Island, the One Piece.

Fans have been wondering as to what the One Piece truly is for many years, and they need not wait too long. The Final Saga will surely reveal the answer to this question.

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