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Best Project Zomboid Mods


  • Project Zomboid
    has a large and dedicated fan base that has created numerous mods to enhance players’ experience with the game.

  • Mods like Exp Recovery, Braven’s Bicycles, and Zombie Drop Mod add new features and gameplay elements to make
    Project Zomboid
    even more engaging and enjoyable.
  • There are mods available for various aspects of the game, including skill progression, transportation, looting, crafting, visuals, and more, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience to their preferences.



There are several games released in an alpha state that don’t hit the ground running for a whole host of reasons. Thankfully, Project Zomboid wasn’t a victim of this situation and ended up flourishing in this alpha stage, garnering a large number of fans who the process who love everything about this open-world survival horror game. In fact, the fan following of this series is so immense that players have created a whole host of mods to help gamers enhance their experience with this game even further.

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There are many great mods that players can download to positively impact their playthroughs of Project Zomboid. These Project Zomboid mods encompass a wide range of gameplay elements and do a great job of freshening up the experience for players who wish to enhance their enjoyment of this game. While an individual player’s mileage may vary with these mods, there’s no denying that the impressive nature of these mods makes Project Zomboid a blast to play through in their own right if players react positively to the changes.

Updated on September 19, 2023, by Ritwik Mitra: Project Zomboid is one of the best survival games that players can check out, with its deceptively simple graphics hiding deep and compelling survival gameplay where players have to improve a multitude of skills to even think about surviving against the wave of zombies that can devour them in no time flat if they’re not careful. It becomes really important to understand how the game works and not get too overzealous in their attempts to survive if players don’t want to get caught off-guard at inopportune moments. Players who have scoured this title to kingdom come and want to enjoy a new experience in Project Zomboid can download a wealth of mods to make things more engaging for themselves.

23 Exp Recovery

Books in Project Zomboid

There are many skill books that players can check out in the game if they wish to enhance their effectiveness in Project Zomboid. However, it’s very easy to miss perk experience in this game if players end up developing their skills early on in the game, making the act of reading a book slightly less efficient than it should be.

This issue becomes a thing of the past with the Exp Recovery mod, which adds a simple yet much-needed tweak to the game that prevents players from missing out on valuable perk experience for a host of reasons. Reading a book becomes more engaging and effective than ever before, making it less of an annoyance for players who feel unfairly punished for developing a skill beforehand instead of sitting down and reading a book in the most boring fashion possible.

22 Braven’s Bicycles

Braven's Bicycles in Project Zomboid

There are many ways that players can move around the massive maps of Project Zomboid, but one thing that most people have noticed is that the game has no bicycles whatsoever. This can be rather odd, especially since this mode of transport should be incredibly useful given how it’s such a huge challenge to get gas of any sort during a zombie apocalypse.

So, it’s only fitting that modders decided to pick up the slack in this department instead. Braven’s Bicycles does precisely what most people would expect, adding a wealth of usable bicycles that players can use to zip around the game’s map and outrun zombies if they end up being targeted by a horde. It’s a simple yet welcome inclusion in the game for players who want the experience to be as immersive as possible and feel that bicycles are a natural inclusion to the game world.

21 Zombie Drop Mod

Military Surplus

In a game where looting is essential for survival, players would definitely appreciate a mod that allows them to stock up on ammunition and supplies in no time at all. This is why the Zombie Drop Mod is such a perfect fit for fans of the game who want to make the process of playing through the game easier to handle.

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This mod is great for players who have gone through the game multiple times and are tired of the slow loot creep after a point. There’s no denying that Project Zomboid is a very balanced experience… but some people may go so far as to call it too balanced, which is understandable.

20 Common Sense

The protagonist in a burning room shooting at zombies in Project Zomboid

Quality-of-life mods are one of the most popular categories for any video game, and Project Zomboid is no exception to this golden rule. The Common Sense mod falls under this category and adds small yet unique changes to the game that serve as minor improvements.

From how the world interacts with certain items to making crafting more logical, Common Sense is a decent, if unremarkable, mod for players to download. It won’t set anyone’s copy of Project Zomboid on fire, but the integrated changes are worth checking out nevertheless.

19 Special Emergency Vehicles And FBI For Filibuster Rhymes’ Used Cars

Special Emergency Vehicles and FBI for Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars mod for Project Zomboid

This mod adds new vehicles to the game, including emergency response vehicles such as police cars and ambulances. Players can use these vehicles to traverse the game’s world more quickly and safely while adding more variety to the game.

Players who want to add new vehicles and NPCs to their copy of Project Zomboidwill be well-serviced by this mod. It’s not a mind-blowing mod in the slightest, but any enhancement to the variety of things present in the game is always welcome.

18 Enhanced Zoom

Person farming

The usual view offered by Project Zomboid is pretty serviceable in its own right. Of course, PC players who love customizing their game would want to change its level of zoom, too. The Enhanced Zoom mod accomplishes the same, allowing players to zoom in and out of the game’s world as they see fit.

With this mod, players can adjust the camera’s zoom level to get a closer look at their surroundings or to get a wider view of the game’s world. This mod is perfect for players who want more control over the camera and prefer a more customizable playing experience.

17 Show Skill XP Gain

Person exercising

Players who hate the lack of clarity when it comes to their skill XP gain in Project Zomboid will be quite content after downloading this mod. It adds a new feature to the game that displays the amount of skill XP gained by players during gameplay.

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Of course, certain metrics like Strength, Fitness, and various weapon skills level up too frequently, which may lead to this notification spamming players all the time. The mod author has recognized this issue and uploaded different versions of the mod to make things easier for players.

16 Olfurinars Plasma Blade – The Lightsaber Reinvented

Olfurinars Plasma Blade - the Lightsaber re-invented mod for Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid may be a gritty game… but that doesn’t mean players don’t want to fulfill their wildest fantasies in the game. This mod understands the assignment and adds a new weapon to the game that resembles a lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise.

This plasma blade is quite powerful and feels quite authentic to use despite how out of place it may feel in the game. It’s perfect for players who want to add a sci-fi twist to their Project Zomboid game and enjoy the fun of wielding a lightsaber in a zombie apocalypse.

15 Realistic Body Textures

Realistic Body Textures mod for Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid isn’t really a game that sells itself on its graphics. While this is just fine for most players, there are others who might want this game to look just a tad bit better for the sake of their own immersion.

This is where the Realistic Body Textures mod comes into the picture. True to its name, it improves the quality of the textures on both humans and zombies, making the entire experience just a tad bit better from a visual perspective.

14 Craftable Molotov Cocktails

Craftable Molotov Cocktails mod for Project Zomboid

There was a time when players could craft Molotov cocktails in Project Zomboid as long as they had the required materials. However, for some reason, later builds of the game removed this incredibly helpful recipe.

Given this development, it should be no surprise as to what the Craftable Molotov Cocktails mod strives to accomplish. True to its name, it allows players to craft these throwables once again to fight against a veritable horde of zombies.

13 Fur Clothes

Snow in Project Zomboid

Given that Project Zomboid is a survival game at the end of the day, players need to keep track of their temperatures at every step of the way. While there are several articles of warm clothing that can achieve the same, some people might want a bit more variety when it comes to the warm clothing in Project Zomboid.

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For these players, the Fur Clothes mod is a perfect fit. It allows them to use either rabbit or squirrel furs to craft warm clothing that can help them deal with the chilly nights. It’s a simple yet effective mod that’s perfect for players who pride immersion above everything else.

12 Chip A Stone Mod

A chipped stone in Project Zomboid

Sometimes, the best mods can also be the simplest of the lot. This is a definition that perfectly encapsulates the functionality of the Chip a Stone mod.

With this mod, players have the ability to chip away at rocks if they have a hammer in their inventory. It’s a simple mod, but it goes a long way in enhancing the logical nature of the game’s systems and allows for a greater degree of immersion… even though the change itself is pretty normal.

11 Literature And Magazines

Literature And Magazines mod for Project Zomboid

The Literature and Magazines mod might sound like a simple mod at face value, but it’s the impressive attention to detail with this mod that makes it so brilliant. For starters, this mod adds more than 1100 books to the game, which is a simply ridiculous number in and of itself.

On top of this, the mod also lets some of these books increase the player’s stats, which is going to be pretty useful in and of itself. Suffice it to say, players who love attention to detail in their games will absolutely adore the Literature and Magazines mod.

10 LiveStat

Project Zomboid

Given the limited nature of most playthroughs in Project Zomboid, most players don’t really care about keeping track of their in-game stats since they’re rendered pretty moot after a death. However, experienced players wouldn’t fall into this category.

This is where the LiveStat mod comes into the picture. It allows for stats to be tracked in real-time, allowing veterans to gauge their kills, survival stats, and everything else along the same lines easily.

9 Torch Mod

Night gameplay in Project Zomboid

Crafting is one of the core aspects of Project Zomboid‘s gameplay. However, there are some people who want more options when it comes to crafting items in the game.

The Torch mod is great in this regard. Its function should be quite simple — it allows players to add a craftable torch to the game that can light things up in the dark… obviously.

8 Resident Evil Skins

Chris Redfield mod for Project Zomboid

Any game that references a zombie apocalypse is bound to draw comparisons to Resident Evil in some way or the other. The fans of Project Zomboid certainly thought the same and decided to add a clever and simple homage to this legendary survival horror series through a mod.

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Players can download mods to play as some of the most beloved characters in the series. These include Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, and Chris Redfield.

7 Homemade Bats

Combat in Project Zomboid

Most players who enter multiplayer servers will find that the majority of resources in this game have already been pillaged. This makes it incredibly hard to survive against the zombie hordes present in the game.

Thankfully, the Homemade Bats mod takes care of this issue. It allows players to craft bats and clubs with makeshift resources to increase the arsenal that players have access to in the game.

6 MegaviBlades

MegaviBlades mod for Project Zomboid

Some players might find the lack of bladed weapons to be quite disappointing in Project Zomboid. Thankfully, these players don’t have to remain disappointed for too long.

The MegaviBlades mod adds numerous bladed weapons and items to the game, making combat way more interesting and deadly. Some of these new objects include one-handed axes, katanas, stone saws, and metal swords!

5 Levelers Skill Bonus

Project Zomboid Gameplay

Players who struggle through multiple playthroughs of Project Zomboid might get frustrated at how much time and effort is put into leveling a player’s traits… only for said skills to be rendered useless after a death. Thankfully, this mod will alleviate some of this frustration.

The Levelers Skill Bonus mod is essentially a shortcut to success in Project Zomboid. It allows players to increase their in-game skills by simply pressing and holding down a few buttons, which is quite welcome indeed.

4 Recycle And Craft

Project Zomboid Farm

The crafting system of Project Zomboid is fairly decent but a bit too simple for some players. These gamers will definitely enjoy the benefits brought over by the Recycle and Craft mod.

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It allows players to recycle once-useless materials and use them to craft both new and old weapons with ease. Along with this, the mod also introduces a way to dehydrate food to increase its longevity at the cost of a lower nutritional value.

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