Best Mobile Games For Couples


  • Mobile games offer a fun way for couples to relax, bond, and improve cognitive skills together through gameplay.
  • From competitive multiplayer to relaxing story-driven games, there’s something for every type of gaming couple to enjoy.
  • Couples can experience thrilling battles, solve puzzles, and explore virtual worlds while spending quality time together.

Couples who love gaming have a nice variety of mobile games that’ll help them have fun, relax, and even improve their cognitive skills together. From the greatest relaxing games to imaginative multiplayer games there is something for all types of gamers and couples. Couples get to spend some quality fun time together while taking part in thrilling online battles, cooking, or exploring the world together and solving fun puzzles and mysteries.


Best Cooperative Games Perfect For Date Nights

Games can be a great social outlet, and these co-op games, in particular, are the perfect addition to a fun date night.

Even single-player mobile games can be a lot more fun when played together making the gameplay more exciting or easier and in some cases harder. These feel-good story-driven games for couples can help them learn how to overcome difficulties together and understand how the other thinks on a deeper level.

Updated on April 4, 2024, by Ritwik Mitra: Mobile gaming is a great way for couples to bond, with a duo loving how easy it is to take turns on a game or, better yet, engaging in unique multiplayer experiences that only a portable device could enable. There are many great games that a couple can check out if they want to kill time or just enjoy something unique for a few minutes as they solve puzzles, battle against each other, and interact with simple gameplay elements that are easy to understand from the get-go.

22 Chain Reaction

A Simple Multiplayer Game Where Players Fight For Total Superiority

Chain Reaction

  • Available For Android & iOS

Chain Reaction is a fun and simple competitive game where players must try and take over a board using the strategic placement of atoms and smart chain reactions. Matches start out as tense, tactical affairs before devolving into pure chaos as players trigger their chain reactions for unpredictable and hilarious results.

Couples will have a great time trying to foil each other’s plans and establish superiority. The game starts as silly fun, only for things to get serious once players have a few games under their belt.

21 Super Hexagon

Couples Can Take Turns Trying To Get Through The Game’s Tough Stages

Super Hexagon

  • Available For Android & iOS

Super Hexagon is a simple arcade experience where players guide a small triangle and help it avoid the many closing walls in a stage rife with great music and tough challenges. The trippy nature of Super Hexagon makes it a blast to play through as long as players don’t find things to be too loopy.

Couples can take turns trying to get the best time in each level and unlock additional stages. It’s tough in the early stages, which is what makes the incremental progress in Super Hexagon so satisfying.

20 Souls

A Great RPG For Casuals To Get Into

characters in Souls

  • Available For Android & iOS

Souls is a fantastic choice for couples who are looking for mobile RPGs for casual players and want to wander around in a stunningly crafted virtual realm where shadows consume everything. This beautiful game drops players into a fragmented ancient continent, where they’ll have to figure out how to med it.



The Best Co-Op Games To Play After Beating It Takes Two

It Takes Two is one of the best co-op games out there right now, but there are some other great co-op games to turn to after completing it.

Souls art style that is not just eye-catching but thoroughly immersive, the game paints every pixel of its world with detailed brilliance. However, this mobile game isn’t just about looks since players will be able to choose from over sixty unique heroes, each bursting with personality and skills, the tactical depth is undeniable. Its tile-based combat demands wit and strategy, making it a delightful puzzle for two minds to tackle. As couples dive in, they’ll unearth hidden gems and stories, making it a perfect realm for pairs looking to champion a world together, one strategy at a time.

19 Evolution Board Game

A Fun Board Game That Couples Can Enjoy

animals in Evolution Board Game

  • Available For Android & iOS

In the immersive realm of the Evolution Board Game, couples and gaming enthusiasts get a taste of nature’s ruthlessness in the palm of their hands. This mobile rendition of the acclaimed board game invites players to a vibrant landscape, animated by meticulous artwork and well-calibrated mechanics.

While Evolution Board Game might seem simple on the surface, it’s actually a complex strategy game since players will have to evolve to outlast and outsmart each other. As species adapt, players must anticipate opponents’ moves, deciding whether to opt for herbivorous tranquillity or carnivorous dominance. With a buffet of cards sparking myriad evolutionary strategies and a bustling multiplayer environment, this game promises a Darwinian clash where only the smartest strategies thrive.

18 Dungeons Of Dreadrock

A Fun Mobile RPG That’s Great With A Partner

Dungeon in Dungeons of Dreadrock

  • Available For Android & iOS

Couples who love Dungeons & Dragons games should check out Dungeons of Dreadrock and dive deep into the enigmatic chasms of this adventures-filled mobile RPG. Puzzle enthusiasts are sure to be captivated by the hundred meticulously crafted levels awaiting them to explore.

However, this Nordic fantasy game isn’t just another puzzle game. As players embark on a noble quest to save a damsel’s brother from the dark labyrinths below, they’re ensconced in a world both hauntingly beautiful and intricately designed. It’s also one of the few mobile games for couples that’s not just for English speakers since the game also extends its narrative across sixteen different languages.

17 War Robots Multiplayer Battles

A Simple PvP Game Featuring Mechas That’s Perfect For Competitive Couples

robot fight in War Robots Multiplayer Battles

  • Available For Android & iOS

Couples who love playful online battles will love trying out War Robots Multiplayer Battles‘ grand arena, where it’s raining heavy metal and firepower. Thanks to this adrenaline-boosting mobile game, players can battle against each other as well as global rivals and decide who’s the top-tier robot wrangler in thrilling PvP face-offs.

Couples will be able to choose from over fifty beautifully designed robots, each brimming with unique designs and might, making sure that there’s never a dull moment. No matter if a player fancies obliterating opponents with plasma cannons or if they love to play the hero, because this fun mobile shooter has them covered. War Robots also has an ever-expanding universe that keeps evolving, so couples never run out of new tales and challenges.

16 Happy Couple

A Trivia Game That Lets People Know Each Other Better

Happy Couple App

  • Available For Android & iOS

Happy Couple is a great choice for people who love fun trivia games and are looking for a simple but enjoyable mobile game that can help them get to know each other better. This easy-to-use love quiz game tests players’ knowledge about each other.


Best Indie Games On Xbox Game Pass

The collection of indie games available on Xbox Game Pass are stellar, and here is a look at the best titles you can play.

It’s also one of the least time-consuming mobile games for couples that’s a perfect fit for complete beginners too. Players will only have to use this fun mobile game for a few minutes a day, but they’ll still be able to learn new things about each other by answering personalized questions that are based on their answers.

15 Pokemon Go

Roam Around With A Loved One And Capture Pokemon

pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO

July 6, 2016

Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go is one of the best mobile games for couples of all ages that’ll help them get some exercise as they hunt for Pokemon around town. It’s a fairly easy yet vibrant and fun app that’s not just for anime and Pokemon fans but for all gamers who love cute adventure games.

Couples can try this free-to-play iconic mobile game and try to complete their Pokedex together while going on a fun journey. It’s also a great choice for more competitive players who want to mix exploration with battles and prefer to team up with other players who can help them achieve their goals faster.

14 Fortnite

A Multiplayer Third-Person Shooter That’s All The Rage

characters in Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most iconic co-op third-person shooters that couples can also play on their mobiles. This vibrant and action-filled game is more challenging, but it’ll sure help couples learn how to work better together and solve problems more efficiently.

However, couples can also choose to battle against each other while exploring Fortnite‘s adventure-filled world. It’s also one of the best free-to-play battle royale games that provides an excellent cooperative survival experience for beginners and avid gamers too, even if they play on their mobiles.

13 The Sims Mobile

The Wholesome Gameplay Of The Sims On Mobile Devices

characters in The Sims Mobile

  • Available For Android & iOS

The Sims is one of the most iconic life sim games of all time and its mobile version The Sims Mobile allows its players to create and customize their Sims characters as well as their world. It’s also one of the best free-to-play mobile games for couples who are looking for a simple but fun game that can help them plan better together.


8 Open World Games With Unique Exploration Mechanics

Open world games are an exciting genre due to exploration, and these games have done a wonderful job at those mechanics

Thanks to The Sims Mobile, couples can plan their future in a fun way and can even use it to set goals for their careers or find new hobbies they can also enjoy offline. Since Sims can socialize with each other and are allowed to develop romantic relationships players can even have fun and unique virtual dates.

12 Badland

A Charming Side-Scrolling Adventure That’s As Unique As They Come

creatures in Badland


April 4, 2013

Frogmind Games


Badland is one of the most beautiful two-player mobile games for couples who like fantasy adventure and survival games. This deeply atmospheric mobile game has beautifully hand-painted graphics and couples can explore the over hundred levels of this brilliant fantasy mobile game with new levels added constantly.

This fun mobile game also has a single and multiplayer mode, and it boosts creativity since players can even create their own levels. Couples will have to explore a stunning and mysterious forest filled with peculiar creatures and plants and face the dark dangers of this seemingly fairy-tale-like forest. It’s a bit more difficult game, so it can be challenging for beginner gamers but thanks to its unique art style and creative challenges it never stops being entertaining.

11 Spaceteam

Communicate With A Partner To Carry Out Important Tasks

game stars in Spaceteam

  • Available For Android & iOS

Spaceteam is one of the most hilarious mobile games for couples who want to relieve some stress and learn how to communicate better. It’s a simple yet challenging multiplayer mobile game during which players will have to follow simple but time-sensitive instructions and work together with their partner.

If the time runs out and the players don’t finish their tasks then their ship will fall apart, and it becomes impossible to outrun the deadly exploding star. While Spaceteam doesn’t have a unique art style it’s still one of the most fun phone games for couples who prefer to shout at each other while playing games instead of during arguments.

10 Bowmasters

A Charming Multiplayer Game Where Good Aim Is Important

charactres in Bowmasters

  • Available For Android & iOS

Bowmasters is one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time with millions of happy players worldwide. It’s one of the most fun phone games for couples who appreciate hilarious and quirky character designs, like to try unique weapons, and wouldn’t mind shooting at each other or fun objects during entertaining challenges.


7 Video Game Characters With Split Personalities

Due to traumatizing events in the past, these select video game characters have some troubling alter egos.

It’s one of the most colorful multiplayer mobile games for couples where players can not only learn how to aim but can even defeat enemies together. While Bowmasters is a shooter it’s still a fun and vibrant game that’s not violent or gore, so it’s perfect for beginners and experienced gamers.

9 Sky: Children Of The Light

Take Turns Exploring A Relaxing Landscape

characters fly in Sky Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is one of the most relaxing and breathtaking multiplayer mobile games for couples who want to relax and explore together. This gorgeous and fun phone game has a peaceful and story-rich open world called the Kingdom of Sky.

Players will get to explore the seven beautiful realms of this enchanting kingdom while flying above the clouds, getting lost in magical forests, and playing and relaxing in this unique world. Players can also connect with others and will have to help star spirits return home. It’s one of the most peaceful and creative mobile games that’s perfect for couples who appreciate imaginative and cozy mobile games.

8 Hidden Object – Mother Nature

A Hidden Object Game That Couples Can Play Together

tree in broken glass in Hidden Object - Mother Nature

Hidden Object – Mother Nature is one of the most beautiful mobile games that celebrate nature and help its players relax while finding hidden objects. The game has charming graphics and HD-quality design which makes the beautiful scenery and lovely fauna, flowers, and animal images even more enjoyable. Mother Nature’s gorgeous art style is accompanied by equally beautiful music and calming nature sounds.

What makes this hidden object game special is that it comes with a mystery twist that the players can solve as they explore and go through its exciting 200 levels. The gameplay is considerably easy which makes this game a great choice for casual gamers and beginners too. It’s a fun and mood-boosting single-player game that’s a great choice for couples who want to play together to unwind and practice their problem-solving skills together.

7 Sarah’s Adventure: Time Travel

A Fun Time-Travel Adventure With Unique Puzzles That Partners Can Solve Together

sarah building the land in Sarah's Adventure Time Travel

  • Available For Android & iOS

Sarah’s Adventure: Time Travel is one of the best games involving time travel that’s playable on mobile. It’s a fun and entertaining game with great design and a fantastic story that lets players travel around the world and back in time. Players will play the part of Sarah who’s transported back to 19th-century England and have to find a way to adapt to her new life and try to find a way back home.


5 Open-World Games That Improve When Ignoring Fast Travel

Fast travel is a feature many folks use without thinking in games. Still, some titles with it available are far better if players ignore it entirely.

During this single-player adventure, players get to travel around the world while completing fun quests and solving puzzles, restoring historical artifacts as well as building their farmhouse while interacting with famous historical figures. It’s an imaginative game that can help couples learn how to overcome obstacles together, have some fun, and maybe even get some inspiration for their next real-life adventure.

6 Dog Sim Online: Raise A Family

Raise A Canine Companion With A Loved One

two dogs in Dog Sim Online Raise a Family

  • Available For Android & iOS

Dog Sim Online: Raise a Family is one of the best simulation games with adorable puppies. It’s a fun and exciting multiplayer game for dog lovers who can explore this gigantic 3D world together and even join packs. Players can choose from a wide variety of dog breeds and fully customize their dog.

The game has lovely graphics and multiple locations with their own unique ambiance and weather conditions which make this sim game all the more fun. Players can also build their own families and level up by defeating enemies. Dog Sim Online can prepare couples for their first pet or help them learn more about their dog through fascinating dog facts while having a fun time together.

5 Dark City: London

A Fun Puzzle Game That’s Perfect To Play With A Special Someone

London at night in Dark City London

  • Available For Android & iOS

Dark City: London is a spooky and entertaining puzzle-adventure game with stunning graphics and an intriguing storyline that makes the gameplay exciting. This single-player takes its players to a realistic Victorian London where they have to uncover the dark secrets of the clock tower before it gets destroyed and hundreds of people get murdered.



19 Games That Take Place In The Victorian Era

The Victorian Era can make for a great setting for a game, but not many titles utilize its setting. These are some games that do.

It’s a spooky detective story that never gets violent or gore which makes it perfect for casual gamers too. Players will have to collect, find hidden objects, and solve imaginative puzzles and mini-games while exploring the dark alleys of London and forty other gorgeous locations. It’s a fantastic mobile game for couples who love brain-teasers and immersive games and wouldn’t mind improving their critical thinking skills while solving fun mysteries together.

4 Everdale

A Peaceful Game Overflowing With Charm

village in Everdale

  • Available For Android & iOS

Everdale is the most charming and peaceful multiplayer mobile game that’s perfect for couples who want to build a peaceful life together in a utopian fantasy world. The game has a beautiful design, lovely music, and a lush and vibrant world with cute spirit creatures where players can build friendships and build a society based on cooperation.

Players can enjoy a lot of fun activities in the game including trading, crafting, farming, and cooking. It’s an easy and mood-boosting game perfect for beginners and casual gamers who are looking for a calming multiplayer game. It’s one of the best games for couples that can help rewire the brain and help remove and avoid drama in real life too by making more peaceful decisions and creating more calming environments.​​​​​​

3 Clash Of Clans

clans fighting in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

August 2, 2012


Clash of Clans is one of the most popular multiplayer strategy mobile games with vibrant and cool graphics. It’s set in a fun fantasy world that’s inhabited by adorable Barbarians and powerful wizards. While the battles are frequent in this game it never gets dark or gore, which makes Clash of Clans a great choice for casual gamers who want to try an entertaining strategy game.


24 Games With The Most Inclusive Romance Options

As times change, major video games like The Sims 4, Skyrim, and Dragon Age are getting with the times and including queer romance options for players.

Players will have to build their villages while training and raising their clan, competing with others in epic battles, and forging strong alliances. It’s a great game for couples in which they can compete against each other and resolve their fights in the online world or join forces and create complicated battle strategies and protect their own together.

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