Best Games Like Ghost Of Tsushima

Along with The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima acted as a swan song for the PlayStation 4, ensuring Sony’s console went out on a high note. Sucker Punch’s open-world action-adventure game went on to produce an expansion and a director’s cut for the PS5, and it is comfortably among the current system’s best first-party exclusives. The title was so successful, a movie is in production, and there is hope that a sequel or spiritual successor could be eventually on the cards.


6 Things A Ghost Of Tsushima Sequel Could Implement

After a heap of praise for Sucker Punch’s new IP, there is potential for Ghost of Tsushima to rise in light of a potential sequel.

With high production value, a refreshing historical Japanese setting, smooth and engaging hack and slash combat, and a lavish world that just begs to be explored, GoT is all-around brilliant. While there are not all that many projects that compare to Sucker Punch’s masterpiece, die-hard fans searching for something to fill the void have a few games similar to Ghost of Tsushima that they can check out.

Updated May 16, 2024 by Mark Sammut: Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is finally available on PC, opening Sucker Punch’s fantastic open-world game to a brand-new audience. Along with just getting the project in more hands, the PC version is also likely to spawn a robust modding community, which could lead to some fun additions and tweaks. Even if that does not end up being the case, GoT’s vanilla content is more than strong enough to warrant a playthrough. People who have already played through the campaign can try out some games like GoT.

1 Rise Of The Ronin

An Open-World RPG With Souls-lite Combat & Set In Edo Japan

Rise of the Ronin

March 22, 2024

Action RPG

Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin launched to a positive but not glowing reception, a reaction not aided by the game debuting on the same day as Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma 2. The latter is arguably the superior overall experience, and it is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for an open-world action RPG with flexible classes and great combat. However, Rise of the Ronin is far more similar in style, tone, and setting to Ghost of Tsushima; in fact, Team Ninja’s 2024 release almost seems like a spiritual successor to Sucker Punch’s title.


8 Beginner Tips For Rise of the Ronin

Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin can be overwhelming, and these tips should help newcomers get started in this PS5 open-world game.

Both open-world games are set during pivotal moments in Japanese history, with Rise of the Ronin taking place during the Edo period’s final years. Both games deliver fast-paced action that seeks to be accessible but also challenging. While they have their similarities, Rise of the Ronin is nevertheless a unique beast, and Team Ninja’s Soulslike expertise shines through the fantastic combat system. Although not as deep as something like Nioh 2, the gameplay is genuinely brilliant and, more importantly, less punishing than some of the developer’s previous outings. Rise of the Ronin has a robust selection of unlockable combat styles, weapons, and skills.

2 Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

A Modern Open-World With Versatile Combat & A Strong Narrative

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

October 20, 2023

After producing two fantastic open-world superhero games for the PS4 (and PS5), Insomniac managed to outdo itself with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Featuring two playable characters (Peter Parker and Miles Morales), the 2023 sequel builds beautifully on its predecessors’ foundations, providing improvements in a few key areas. While the core is largely the same, the combat system has been enhanced through the addition of Venom abilities, along with the fact that the leads have unique skills and abilities that fit their characters. The open-world is gorgeous and offers a solid selection of secondary optional content, which was one of the few areas somewhat lacking in the first Marvel’s Spider-Man. The story does a great job of highlighting both Parker and Morales, even if the former gets more time in the spotlight than the latter.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is another triumph for Insomniac and the PlayStation brand, and it was one of the best games of 2023. Now, when compared directly to Ghost of Tsushima, it is quite a different open-world experience since the combat and traversal mechanics are worlds’ apart; however, they both offer gameplay that is satisfying along with immersive settings.

3 Nioh 2

Intense Fights, Deep Combat, & Japanese Setting

Nioh 2

$21 $40 Save $19

March 13, 2020

Action RPG

Ghost of Tsushima features a beautiful, historical, and rich Japanese aesthetic that is present from start to finish. If someone loves the visual and style elements of the open-world game, they should check out Nioh 2. Although it’s much more fantastical in its enemy and boss designs, Nioh 2 has the same vibrant aesthetic spread throughout its gameplay.


Nioh 2: Best Weapon Combos

Players have a great variety of weapon types to choose from in Nioh 2, but some combos are far more powerful than others.

It features a tough but rewarding combat system and characters should find themselves on the edge of their seats through some of the more challenging sections. Nioh 2 might seem more at home for fans of Sekiro and Dark Souls, but offers a lot for people seeking games like Ghost of Tsushima.

4 Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

A Soulslike With A Touch Of Chinese History

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

March 3, 2023

Action RPG

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a Soulslike RPG by Team Ninja. Although not a massive departure from Nioh, the 2023 release does shake things up somewhat by emphasizing parrying above everything else. This mechanic is so important, the game’s tutorial boss is basically unbeatable if players fail to deflect their attacks.

Narratively, Wo Long is set during China’s Three Kingdoms era, although Team Ninja’s project is not as history-driven as Ghost of Tsushima. While players get to fight alongside quite a few historical figures, they will largely be going up against supernatural enemies. In terms of challenge, Wo Long is considerably harder than Ghost of Tsushima; that said, both games deliver fast-paced and skill-based combat.

5 Elden Ring

An Expansive Open-World Soulslike

Elden Ring

$49 $60 Save $11

February 25, 2022

Anyone who enjoyed the open-world explorative feeling of Ghost of Tsushima should check out From Software’s latest release, Elden Ring. Although the difficulty takes some getting used to (unless players are already hardened from Sekiro), the world is incredibly expansive and beautifully designed. There is so much to see and do in Elden Ring, and players can easily pack 100 hours into their first playthrough depending on how much they explore.

With multiple ways to build a character, lots of quests to sift through, hidden items and weapons galore, and tons of bosses to eliminate, Elden Ring is one of the best open-world experiences currently on the market and a great next step for Ghost of Tsushima fans looking to flaunt their combat skills.

6 Way Of The Samurai Series

An Immersive Ronin Sim

  • Way of the Samurai Way of the Samurai 2 Way of the Samurai 3 Way of the Samurai 4
    Platform(s) PSP, PS2 PS2 PS3, Xbox 360, PC PS3, PC
    Released 2002-05-05 2004-05-21 2009-10-13 2012-03-21
    Developer(s) Acquire Acquire Acquire Acquire
    Genre(s) Action-Adventure, RPG Action-Adventure Action-Adventure Action-Adventure

Acquire’s Way of the Samurai has been somewhat forgotten over the last decade. While never one of the biggest names on the market, this series was consistently impressive. Each game does a great job of immersing players in a different era of Japanese history, casting them as Ronin who insert themselves into a town’s political and social struggles. Way of the Samurai almost ventures into life-sim territory at times, with the campaigns not being afraid to slow things down at times.

The games (especially the sequels) provide quite a few player-driven choices as well, which enhances their replayability since two playthroughs can go in wildly different directions. All four entries are good in their own right, but Way of the Samurai 4 is probably the best entry point for new players. It has the most polished and complex combat system, along with an interesting setting that is explored well. Still, each game is worth a try, and they are not particularly long either.

7 Stellar Blade

A PS5 Exclusive With Great, Great Combat

Stellar Blade

April 26, 2024

Shift Up

Action RPG

Looking at both games’ isolated parts, Stellar Blade and Ghost of Tsushima might seem worlds apart. A historical piece set in Japan, the latter drops players in a lavish open-world and features fairly accessible combat; comparatively, Stellar Blade takes place in the distant future where humanity has been reduced to nearly nothing due to the presence of a supernatural threat. The battle system blends hack and slash and Soulslike elements, although it is generally closer to the latter than the former. Like quite a few noteworthy entries in that genre, Stellar Blade prioritizes dodges and parries, to the point of connecting two special types of attacks (and gauges) to these defensive moves. Although they are not completely different beasts, these two projects’ combat systems do not feel all that similar.


Stellar Blade: 7 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some useful strategies players need to know before manoeuvring the post apocalyptic world of Stellar Blade.

Still, Ghost of Tsushima should at least consider checking out Stellar Blade since, for the most part, it shines in the same areas as Sucker Punch’s open-world epic. Different as it might be, the combat is fantastic, deep, and stylish. Although harder than GoT, Stellar Blade is not extremely difficult either, at least compared to many other Soulslikes. Following the first few hours, the world opens up quite a lot, granting players access to fairly wide areas that reward exploration (and also have plenty of side quests). The main story is not particularly great, but it does not hamper the overall experience that much either.

Similar to Ghost of Tsushima during the PS4 era, Stellar Blade is an exclusive that justifies owning a PlayStation 5. It looks brilliant too, especially for a first-time game by a young developer.

8 Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

Challenging And Fast-Paced Hack And Slash Combat

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

June 10, 2021

Hack and Slash

The original Ninja Gaiden for the NES was a difficult platformer, but the series saw a glow-up when Team Ninja brought it into the 3D space. The adventures of Ryu Hayabusa were grueling, pitting players against difficult enemies, platforming sections, and giving them an array of weapons they would have to master to beat some truly difficult bosses.


Best Ninja Gaiden Games, Ranked

The Ninja Gaiden series paved the way for some remarkable games; here are the best ones to come from the franchise.

It takes a lot of patience, skill, and determination to make it through the Ninja Gaiden series, especially on the harder difficulties. Players looking for an extra challenge should give this older but often overlooked series a shot. Out of the trilogy available in the Master Collection, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is the pick of the bunch, offering a deep and challenging campaign built on a combat system that has aged magnificently. Its sequel is pretty good too, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is perfectly playable despite featuring some rather terrible boss fights.

9 The Onimusha Series

Japanese History With A Supernatural Flair

  • Onimusha: Warlords Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny Onimusha 3: Demon Siege Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams
    Platform(s) Switch, PS4, PS2, Xbox (Original), PC, Xbox One PS2 PS2, PC PS2
    Released 2001-03-14 2002-08-27 2004-04-27 2006-03-07
    Developer(s) Capcom Capcom Production Studio 2 Capcom Capcom Production Studio 2
    Genre(s) Action Hack and Slash, Action Action Hack and Slash, Action

Players looking for a game with a similar aesthetic and vibe but are craving something darker (although, some parts of Ghost of Tsushima get pretty dark) can look into the Onimusha series. This underrated franchise has a similar vibe to the Resident Evil franchise but is set in Japan and follows an array of historical figures that must combat supernatural forces through combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration.

Those who have always wanted to try a “melee-focused” Resident Evil-style title should find a lot to enjoy with Onimusha. It’s one of the better cult classics out there and although it’s a bit dated in terms of graphics, it’s still an enthralling adventure. Onimusha: Warlords has received a solid PS4, PC, and Xbox One remaster, and that release is the best place for newcomers to start.

10 Middle-earth: Shadow Of War

Smooth Combat, Adaptive World Thanks To The Nemesis System

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

October 10, 2017

Action RPG

Anyone craving another open world with great story elements, characters, and fluid combat should be sure to put Middle-earth: Shadow of War at the top of their list. Drawing from lore and setups based on The Lord of the Rings series, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is the continuation of Talion’s journey from Shadow of Mordor.

The sequel includes some great updates in an open-world setting and gives players access to the entertaining and engaging Nemesis system that will have them fighting against enemies from their past, further adding to the story elements as they make their way through each area.

11 Like A Dragon: Ishin!

A Yakuza Spin On Japan’s Edo Period

Like a Dragon: Ishin!

$27 $60 Save $33

February 21, 2023


While predominantly concerned with gangster epics set in modern Japan, Sega’s Yakuza franchise is known to take the occasional detour for its spin-offs. Like a Dragon: Ishin! is set during Japan’s Edo period and features characters inspired by history, albeit with faces that will be familiar to anyone who has played the mainline entries. A story about personal revenge that also highlights its intriguing era, Ishin! demonstrates the license’s stellar writing through its central quest and fun characters.


Every Fighting Style In Like A Dragon: Ishin, Ranked

Like A Dragon: Ishin has four different fighting styles to choose from, but which one is the most effective?

A remake of a 2014 Japanese-exclusive game, this spin-off features an urban open-world that is quite small and cannot be compared to Ghost of Tsushima‘s massive map; however, Like a Dragon knows how to make the most of limited real estate, and Ishin! is not an exception. The combat plays like the mainline beat ’em up entries, albeit with a heavier focus on weapons and the implementation of a novel card system. Players get four stances to rotate through, and they provide a fair amount of variety and unlockable skills. While not particularly deep, the action is fast-paced and enjoyable, and it is just neat to set a version of Kiryu wielding a traditional katana.

More importantly, Ishin! tells a gripping historical tale that helped shape modern Japan. Even if it is fairly known within the franchise’s native country, this story is likely to cover new ground for many Western players, and the game does an admirable job of respecting history while injecting that typical Yakuza flavor. The result is an unquestionably Japanese experience that is also accessible to an international audience.

12 Horizon Zero Dawn & Forbidden West

Gorgeous Open-World & Satisfying Combat

Another game with unbelievable panoramic views, Horizon Zero Dawn finds the player adventuring across the country in a post-apocalyptic environment where mankind has reverted back to tribal instincts. On top of the beautiful graphics, the battles are more focused too, and it has one of the best combat systems in an open-world game.

Fighting giant mechanical beasts makes for a challenging next step after hacking up the seemingly entire population of Japan. The worlds of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West are just as ambitious as the one in Ghost of Tsushima, as Aloy scales different terrains such as deserts, forests, and ancient ruins.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition
is also on PC.

13 Devil May Cry 5

Best Hack And Slash Combat On The PS5 & PS4

If a Ghost of Tsushima fan is looking for a game with an expansive world, gorgeous and varied environments, and a pronounced story, they should not prioritize Devil May Cry 5. Conversely, if someone simply wants a title with deep hack and slash combat, they really cannot do better than Capcom’s project. In fact, they should also check out older entries in the series like Devil May Cry 3 and 4. Boasting three playable characters who have wildly different mechanics, DMC 5 is an absolute masterpiece when it comes to its gameplay. Importantly, while accessible enough to not put off newcomers to the genre, the game’s intricacies take some serious dedication to master.

Not to take anything away from Nero and V, who are fun characters to control in their own right, but Dante is DMC 5‘s magnum opus. Forged over roughly two decades of games, the charismatic devil hunter’s mechanics are built entirely around combo chains. Dante can also switch between four styles on the fly, which is somewhat similar to Ghost of Tsushima‘s stances.

14 Batman: Arkham City

Dense Open-Worlds & Accessible But Awesome Combat

Batman Arkham City

October 18, 2011

It could be argued that Ghost of Tsushima is Batman: Arkham City with a samurai skin. The two games share a dense open world full of surprises, and the combat systems are just as satisfying as one another, slashing from one enemy to the next in one sweet combo.


Batman: 8 Arkham Series Characters That Disappeared After Their Respective Game

A few characters from Batman’s iconic Rogues Gallery mysteriously disappear after their appearances in the Batman: Arkham series.

The world of Arkham is full of puzzles and mini-games, just as there are in Tsushima, set up by the Riddler, with so many side-missions that the game feels almost bottomless. Rocksteady’s open-world title is a completionist’s dream, as there are so many collectibles to find, and just like in Tsushima, the collectibles actually serve a purpose and are one of the reasons why Arkham City was named the best Batman game.

15 Samurai Warriors 5

Japan’s Sengoku Period In Musou Form

Samurai Warriors 5

$42 $60 Save $18

July 27, 2021

Hack and Slash

Technically, Omega Force’s Warriors games and Ghost of Tsushima both fall under the hack and slash banner; however, their combat systems are so wildly different that they can barely be described as the same general genre. Be it Dynasty Warriors or one of the many license-based spin-offs, these titles pit players against literal armies, allowing them to blast enemies away by the hundreds. The action tends to be simplistic and, on normal difficulty, rewards button mashing, but it can be satisfying to demolish troops with a single swing of a blade. Even if not for everyone, the Warriors formula has proven to be a success.

Samurai Warriors focuses on Japan’s Warring States era that lasted from around 1467 to roughly 1568. The series features many historical Japanese figures as playable characters, and the campaigns revolve around important battles from the Sengoku Period. While arguably not the strongest entry in the franchise, Samurai Warriors 5 is nevertheless a decent gateway into not only the subseries but also Musou games in general. The story focuses on two figures, Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi, although other characters are periodically playable.

16 Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Vibrant World & Flexible Combat

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

$37 $40 Save $3

February 7, 2012

38 Studios , Big Huge Games

Action RPG

Long before games like Ghost of Tsushima and Elden Ring set the standard for third-person action in open-world games, Kingdoms of Amalur arguably represented the genre’s real-time combat peak. Originally released in 2012, the game made waves thanks to a satisfying hack and slash system that had more in common with the likes of God of War than Skyrim. Built upon a robust weapon system and combo chains, Kingdoms of Amalur knocked its minute-to-minute gameplay out of the park.

Nowadays, the RPG shows its age, and the combat no longer feels as revolutionary as it once did. Newcomers who pick up the Re-Reckoning version should be aware that they will be playing a PS3-era title with a fresh coat of paint as the remaster does not feature all that many changes. That said, Kingdoms of Amalur‘s vibrant world has retained most of its beauty and its gameplay is still entertaining.

17 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A Dark Fantasy Masterpiece With Impeccable Storytelling

At this point, The Witcher 3 is basically an automatic suggestion for anyone remotely interested in gaming. Craving an RPG? Try The Witcher 3. Want a fantasy game? Try The Witcher 3. Looking for an addictive card game? Well, The Witcher 3 exists. Therefore, GoT fans should certainly try CD Projekt Red’s 2015 masterpiece, but the recommendation is fueled by more than just habit. Both games feature expansive and detailed open-worlds that are simultaneously beautiful but also grounded. Although it is set in a fantasy rather than a historical kingdom, The Witcher 3 harbors back to the Medieval ages, carving a world that is gritty, complex, and ancient.

Both titles feature real-time combat, although the systems are quite different from each other. The Witcher 3‘s gameplay can be polarizing since it comes with a fairly steep learning curve. Similar to GoT, players are role-playing as an established character rather than creating their own, and The Witcher 3 expects players to live up to Geralt’s legacy and tendencies.

18 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order & Survivor

Nearly The Full Package

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
    Platform(s) Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, PC, Stadia, Xbox One Xbox Series X, PS5, PC
    Released 2019-11-15 2023-04-28
    Developer(s) Respawn Entertainment Respawn Entertainment
    Genre(s) Action, Adventure Soulslike, Action-Adventure

Although the definition of a mixed bag, EA’s Star Wars era produced a couple of gems. Arguably, Respawn’s Jedi series was the best thing to come out of this partnership, and both games are good to great. Fallen Order and Survivor cast players as Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan stuck in a universe run by an empire that very much wants to kill his kind. Taking inspiration from Soulslikes, Respawn’s titles deliver satisfying melee combat that is relatively similar to Ghost of Tsushima‘s system, although not quite as smooth. As he progresses through the campaigns, Cal gradually unlocks new abilities that add variety to his moveset, ensuring the combat remains interesting for the long haul.


5 Things Jedi Survivor Does Better Than Fallen Order

Four years after Respawn Entertainment’s first entry into the Star Wars Jedi series, Jedi Survivor has made huge improvements from its predecessor.

Although their combat works well, Fallen Order and Survivor shine in their stories, exploration, and world-building. Although not open-world, the games are built around reasonably large self-contained maps, particularly the sequel. As Cal gains new powers, he will be able to access other parts of the levels.

19 Atlas Fallen

Mostly Fun Combat & Movement

Atlas Fallen

August 10, 2023

Action RPG

Atlas Fallen was a departure from Deck13’s older projects that largely adhered to the Soulslike blueprint. The Surge 2 is probably the developer’s best game to date, and if someone is craving a sci-fi take on Dark Souls that delivers challenging combat with a focus on targeting body parts, they will likely find what they are looking for in the 2019 release. That said, those games are not all that similar to Ghost of Tsushima except for the fact they center around melee combat. While not identical, Atlas Fallen is a better shout for fans of Sucker Punch’s open-world release, although the recommendation comes with a disclaimer that the 2023 project has shortcomings that detract from the overall experience.

Set in a fantasy world that has seen better days thanks to an oppressive god, players step into the role of an unnamed, a descriptor used for people who are essentially treated as slaves. After finding a special gauntlet that houses the spirit of a trapped being, players quickly unlock a couple of weapons and powers, the latter of which are gradually boosted throughout the campaign. Looking to take down the deity, the protagonist travels across a desert-themed world in search of enemies, upgrades, and secrets, and they can complete plenty of quests along the way.

Atlas Fallen is an open-world game with enjoyable combat built around a momentum system that rewards aggression. Movement is also a big part of the equation, and Deck13 did a great job of creating a world that takes advantage of the protagonist’s platforming capabilities. Now, the game falls short in its story and enemy variety, the latter being especially frustrating since it gets tiresome fighting the same monsters over and over again. The camera is also not great. While far from perfect, Atlas Fallen is a decent hack and slash open-world option that can be completed fairly quickly.

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