Best Combos In Tekken 7


  • Tekken 7 features 54 playable characters and a rich multiplayer scene, allowing players to master the game’s flexible mechanics.
  • Newcomers to Tekken 7 can learn efficient combos for their chosen characters to gain a competitive edge.
  • Each character in Tekken 7 has unique fighting styles, so players may need to experiment to find the best character for their playstyle.



With Tekken 7 revealing the true origins of the Devil Gene that plagued the Mishima family for generations, fans of the acclaimed Tekken franchise return once again to another King of Iron Fist Tournament to finally put an end to this saga of the fighting game series. Featuring a slate of 54 playable characters, players may take their favorite Tekken 7 fighters to a rich multiplayer scene to further their mastery over the flexible mechanics of the game.

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However, with each character boasting unique fighting styles, players may find themselves stuck as to which characters to choose for their competitive experience. For those newcomers looking to master the game quickly, there may be some go-to combos that players need to learn immediately – be it to get a unique edge or to get a head-start against players that may spam them.

Updated on November 20, 2023, by Rhenn Taguiam: With Tekken 8 teasing Jin Kazama’s last stand against his father, Kazuya Mishima, at the end of the Devil Gene Saga, fans of the acclaimed Tekken franchise may be eager to not just experience Jin’s story but also see the game’s improved take on concepts such as Rage Arts.

However, beginners who feel these fighting game concepts can be overwhelming may want to start their Tekken journey with the recent Tekken 7 title. Moreover, newcomers can opt out of predictable button-mashing by getting into the game’s combat system with Tekken 7’s most efficient combos. Suggestions for must-learn combos include Heihachi’s signature punisher, Devil Jin, and Eliza’s combo-launcher, as well as Street Fighter Akuma’s Tekken version of an iconic uppercut.

15 Burst Claw Lead-In (Eliza)

Damage: 69

Eliza in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (B+1+2) + (B+2, 3) + (D, 3) + (D/F, F+2) + EX1 + (F+3+4) + (3+4) + (F+4) + Neutral + (1, 2) + (1+2)

Eliza adds a new supernatural spin to the Tekken franchise as an awakened vampire, this time specializing in a 2D fighter moveset that favors cornering enemies in neutral with her backwards-feinting pokes, projectiles, and faraway dives. Eliza’s high-damaging Burst Claw Lead-In combo, in particular, takes advantage of her rather retreat-heavy toolkit and should be one of the first sequences a Tekken 7 beginner should learn in her kit.

Eliza starts her combo with a Burst Claw and a Leading Knee, followed up by a Low Kick and a Dark Blade towards an EX Moon Glide. Afterward, Eliza proceeds with a Shadow Ring and a moon Glide into Neutral before capping with a Left-Right Slap going to a Meteor Burst.

14 Feinting Retribution (Hwoarang)

Damage: 93

Hwoarang in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (B+3) + (F+4) + (B+3) + F + (F, 4, 4, 3) + (B+4) + (F+3) + (D+3+4)

Compared to other fighters, Hwoarang as a Tekken 7 character favors multiple stances to facilitate different directional kicks. Depending on his foot’s direction, kicks can come out in different formats, paving the way not just for flexible combos but also for numerous feints. Hwoarang’s tendency to lure opponents into a false sense of security is reflected in Feinting Retribution, where feints lead into various traps.

Hwoarang begins with a Left Plasma Blade before proceeding to Right Flamingo Feint before proceeding into another Left Plasma Blade. Afterward, he goes Forward and a Hard Forward into a Right King Combo to Chainsaw Heel. This goes straight into a Middle Claymore and a Left Flamingo Feint before ending with a fierce Rage Art.

13 Mishima Wind God Punisher (Heihachi)

Damage: 106

Heihachi in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (F, N,D, D/F+2) + (F, N, D, D/F+2) + (F, 2, 3) + (B, F, 2, 3) + Dash + (B, 2, 1+2) + (F, N, D/F, 1)

Worst Grandfather of the Year Nominee Heihachi Mishima dominates Tekken gameplay with his staple pressuring toolkit, something the Electric Wind God Fist exemplifies as a trademark Mishima punisher. In fact, his Mishima Wind God Punisher combo emphasizes the use of this move to lead into other heavy-hitting attacks.

This combo begins with an Electric Wind God Fist and capitalizing on an enemy’s stun time for a repeat. Afterward, Heihachi pursues a Pressure Point and a Tenma Barrage before Dashing into a Rage Drive 1 and ending with an Omen Dragon Uppercut. This combo’s reliance on the EWGF plays well into Heihachi’s aggro-heavy kit, giving him opportunities to punish whiffs and even setup wall attacks.

12 Devil’s Launch Storm (Devil Jin)

Damage: 125

Devil Jin in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (F, N, D, D/F+2) + (U/F, 1+2) + (F, F+3+1+ F, F) + 2 + (B+2+3) + Dash + (B+2+3) + Wall Splat + Dash + (B+2+1, U/F) + Floor Break + (D+B+2) + (B, 2+1, U/F)

Compared to heavy-hitter Jin, his unhinged Devil Jin counterpart is a pressure monster in Tekken 7 gameplay. While it’s viable to spam EWGF when air-juggling opponents, a deadlier Devil Jin combo may come in the form of Devil’s Launch Storm. This combo relies heavily on Devil Jin’s EWGF, as it’s one of the game’s best launchers for its fast-paced nature, encouraging a pressure-heavy strategy.

After beginning with the EWGF, Devil Jin attacks with a Hellfire Cannon before going for an Emperor’s Sword 2. This should finish with a Forward Dash that proceeds into a Heavy Punch and a Rakshasa’s Fury and another Dash towards a Rakshasa’s Fury. When this gets into a Wall Splat, Devil Jin should Dash to go for a Rakshasa’s Rampage to Heaven’s Door that results in a Floor Break. Afterward, Devil Jin can go for a Malicious Mace that gets into another Rakshaga’s Rampage to Heaven’s Door.

11 Shoryuken Barrage (Akuma)

Damage: 59

Akuma in Tekken 7

MOVELIST 2 + (D, D/B, B+3) + (F, B, F+B, 1) + (1+2,F, F) + (4,3) + 2 + (F, B, F/B, 2)

Unlike other fighting games that simply feature characters from other franchises, Akuma from Street Fighter has a more relevant role in the story of Tekken. In his Tekken 7 guest appearance, Akuma is loyal to Heihachi’s wife, Kazumi, swearing to kill the former on behalf of the latter. The bloodthirsty warrior arms himself with the deadly techniques of the Ansatsuken, bringing the iconic Shoryuken to the hit franchise.

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This particular Shoryuken Barrage begins with a Heavy Punch before going into a Tatsumaki Zankukyaku. Akuma then proceeds with a lighter Goshoryuken before a one-two punch goes into a dash and then a one-two kick. The warrior then proceeds with a Heavy Punch before ending with a stronger Goshoryuken. This combo capitalizes on the Goshoryuken as Akuma’s most practical launchers, with the heavier variant enjoying invulnerability on the 8th Frame. Many of Akuma’s moves can be canceled into a Goshoryuken, making this combo extremely flexible.

10 Hammer Driver Punisher (Bryan)

Damage: 97

Bryan in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (U/F+4) + (D+1+2, F) + (B+3, 4) + Dash + 1 + Dash + (B+3, F) + (D/F+2, 1)

When Doctor Abel resurrects police officer Bryan Fury, he returns with a personality that wishes for nothing but destruction. Serving as one of the more iconic Tekken characters due to his sinister laugh, players love Bryan in the competitive scene for his hard-hitting slices that focus on punishing opponents who dare try to come close.

To begin, Bryan knocks down an enemy in place with an Orbital Heel Kick. He then slams the opponent to a low stance with Hammer Driver, but he cancels the second attack in favor of Slither Step to secure his defense. He reaffirms the aggression with a Front Kick to Knee and may Dash into a High Punch if the enemy gets away. Bryan then resumes with a Knee Strike, which sends his opponent further back. He then Dashes forward into a Front Kick to Slither Step and finishes with a Blackout Combo.

9 Shadow Cutter Entries (Lars)

Damage: 70

Lars in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (D/B+4) + (D/F+2) + (D/B+2, 1) + (D/F+2, 1) + (F+3, 1) + (B+3,F, 1)

One of the most surprising revelations in the Tekken series during the 2010s era of fighting games was the arrival of Lars Alexandersson, revealed to be the illegitimate child of Heihachi Mishima. With his Tekken Force Martial Arts, Lars’ techniques resemble the rapid movement of Shorinji Kempo, which he uses efficiently with the Shadow Cutter Entries.

As the name implies, Lars begins this combo with the low-sweeping Shadow Cutter and then rushes forward with the first move of Flashing Strike. This ensures enemies stay in place, allowing him to use Double Tap. Players then follow up with the complete Flashing Strike to screw or send the enemies upward. This is the perfect time to zoom in for a Dynamic Entry with a High Punch, and then dish out an Impulse Kick to Silent Entry, which gives players room to finish with a devastating Lightning Thrust.

8 Dragon’s Lance Launcher (Law)

Damage: 91

Law in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (D+2, 3) + (4, U, 3) + (B+2) + (B+2) + (B, 2, 1) + Dash + (D/B, 4, +3+4) + (B, 2, 3, 4)

Heavily inspired by Bruce Lee to a tee, Marshall Law is one of the most flexible characters in the Tekken franchise due to his mastery of his Marshall Arts, also based on Jeet Kune Do. As such, Law mains can annoy enemies to oblivion through quick dodges and swift strikes, especially when he begins a juggling rhythm through Dragon’s Lance Launcher.

This begins with Body Blow to Dragon Lift that raises opponents in the air, through which they can follow up with the upwards Crescent Kick Combo. While the enemy recovers, Law can do the entry of Knuckle Back Blow twice and initiate the full string on the third set. This moves enemies backward, allowing Law to rush in with the Dragon’s Lance and finish with the Junkyard Kick.

7 Three-Move Spam (Paul)

Damage: 62

Paul in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (F, F+4) + (FC, 3, 2) + (QCF+2)

Aside from his rather iconic high flat top, Paul Phoenix is a hotheaded fighter, ever-determined to win the King of Iron Fist Tournament. While not possessing incredible powers and having a more humorous exterior in the Tekken franchise, Paul’s hybrid Judo-Karate fighting style allows players to dish out hard-hitting combos much easier compared to other characters.

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Doing this combo is relatively easy, provided players get their input right. Paul first rolls forward for a Neutron Bomb to disorient the opponent. Upon connection, Paul does a one-two punch-kick with his Piston Fire and then finishes off with Phoenix Smasher that throws enemies away. Theoretically, players can spam this combo by Dashing and then ending with another Neutron Bomb.

6 Chasing Juggle (Lili)

Damage: 141

Lili in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (D/B+4) + (F+2, 3) + (F+3) + (F+3+4) + Dash + (B, 2, 3) + (F+1+2)

Despite her luxurious upbringing, Rochefort heiress Emilie (or Lili) became a popular Tekken character for her rather straightforward yet flexible toolkit. Geared especially toward new Tekken players, Lili’s Gymnastics-turned-fighting style allows her to create elegant spins, cartwheels, and similar movements and incorporate them into deadly attacks. Such a combo is Chasing Juggle, which reflects upon Lili’s rather aesthetic style.

Due to Lili’s accessible toolkit, dishing out this combo becomes relatively straightforward. She enters the string with a fast and low Edelweiss sweep before pushing the enemies away with a three-hit Mars Sword. She can chase them into a Circle Knee that propels them further, with a harsh Sundial knocking them flat on the ground. If enemies are thrown away at this point, Lili can Dash and meet her foe with a quick Sunrise Sunset before finishing with a quick set of Kitty Claws. The rather light finisher gives players room to repeat the same combo, with the low stun of Kitty Claws giving more than enough room for another Edelweiss.

5 Electric Wind Stunner (Kazuya)

Damage: 75

Kazuya in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (F,N,D – D/F+2) + (D/F+2) + (D/F+2) + (B,2.4) + Dash + (B,2,1) + Dash + (D/F, 1+4)

Serving as one of the deuteragonists and antagonists of the fighting game series, Kazuya Mishima has mastered the Mishima Style of combat to the point of domination. Kazuya can easily dish out powerful moves with simple prompts, with Electric Wind Stunner capitalizing on his style’s hard-hitting moves. This combo necessitates Kazuya to be on the neutral and as close to the opponent as possible, making this an effective starter or punisher.

Players begin with the Electric Wind God Fist, which throws the opponent in the air. Timed properly, Kazuya can juggle opponents twice with two Abolishing Fists before enemies get thrown away. Kazuya can chase them afterward with Rampaging Demon but skipping the last move in the string. This sends enemies flying, through which they can Dash and pull off Rampaging Demon to Left Hook. When the enemy flies again, players can Dash and finish off with a Slaughter High Kick.

4 Russian Sickle Pressure (Dragunov)

Damage: 156

Dragunov in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (F, F, F+2 ) + (F, 2+4) + (F, 3+2) + (D+4, 4) + WS + (D+4, 4)

Spetsnaz Operative Sergei Dragunov became one of the most imposing characters in the Tekken franchise due to his efficiency in the Commando Sambo fighting style. Focused primarily on grapple and submissions, Dragunov’s toolkit is geared to pressure opponents, and his Russian Sickle Pressure does exactly that.

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This combo banks on knocking down opponents consistently and never giving them an opening to counter. Dragunov opens with a top-down Russian Sickle to slam opponents into the ground, following up with a Purge Slam to throw them further away from him. He then rushes in with the Step-in Bardiche and pulls off a two-kick Stilleto to send them flying away once more. If players are successful, this should trigger a Wall Splat, giving them an opening for another Stilleto.

3 Twister Mirage Devastation (Eddy)

Damage: 81

Eddy in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (D/B+2, 3) + (B+3, 3) + (F, F+2, 3) + (B+2, 4) + Dash + 3

Capoeira master Eddy Gordo has become the bane of a lot of Tekken players’ existence due to his rather unpredictable moveset, courtesy of his fighting style. Having entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament to exact revenge on Kazuya for murdering his father, Eddy utilizes the dance-like grace of Capoeira to dominate his foes. A popular combo set players could use with the character is the Twister Mirage Devastation, which uses a lot of Eddy’s signature moves.

Eddy begins with an elegant Twister Mirage, doing a backward slap before a somersaulting spin kick that sends the enemies upward. He follows up with a Knee Thrusten to Heran Bago, essentially a knee-kick combo that ends up with him on the ground. Afterward, Eddy returns upright with the three-hit twirl of Batuque Direito and then sends the enemy away with the forward Godeme to Galcanheira. Eddy finishes the combo with a Dash to Left Kick.

2 Arm Breaker Set 4 (King)

Damage: 65

King in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (F+1+4) + (2, 1, 1+2+3) + (1+3, 3+4, 2+4, 1+2, 1+2+3)

Pro Wrestler and Tekken grappler King serves as one of the most popular characters in the franchise, primarily for his masked appearance. Unlike the more aggressive Tekken character Armor King, this luchador focuses on a more defensive approach to combat, relying more on grapples to fight foes. And while lacking optimized ranged options, getting close to a King main can spell death, especially when he uses his Arm Breaker Combo.

Known as one of the most popular combos in the game, the Arm Breaker begins with the eponymous grappling move and can diverge into one of four sets. Its most dangerous iteration is the one that leads into Chicken Wing Face Lock and ends with the Rolling Death Cradle. The latter, in particular, is one of the hardest moves to pull off but may be able to kill off opponents when timed properly.

1 Uppercut Opening (Jin)

Damage: 143

Jin in Tekken 7

MOVELIST (F, N, D, D/F,1) + (3, 1) + (1, 2, 4) + Dash + (B, 3) + (F, 1, 3)

Since the introduction of Jin Kazama in Tekken 3, his journey towards discovering his Devil Gene lineage has become a focal point in the Tekken series. Blending the brutal Mishima Style and the fluid Kazama style, Jin has become one of the most balanced characters in the Tekken series, with his Uppercut Opening being one of his essential combos.

Jin begins with a Thrusting Uppercut that serves as a combo launcher. While opponents are in the air, he can string a Left Kick and Left Punch to have them juggle in the air. As enemies fly away, Jin chases with Dash and follows up with a Left Knee. If this connects, enemies are left vulnerable long enough for Jin to finish with a devastating Double Face Kick to slam them to the ground.

Tekken 7

PS4, Xbox One, PC

March 18, 2015

Bandai Namco Studios


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