Best Combat Tips For Beginners

Blizzard’s latest mobile game Warcraft Rumble features combat that feels like a fusion of a variety of mobile genres, and can be confusing to learn for new players. Anyone who has never touched the MOBA, Tower Defense, or Auto Chess/Battler genres may struggle to find footing in the game.



RELATED: Warcraft Rumble Devs Talk Multiplayer, Guilds, PVPAfter some brief tutorials, the first few zones are pretty forgiving and let players learn the basics of Warcraft Rumble at their own pace. But as progression continues, things can get much tougher, and understanding the best Warcraft Rumble strategies is key to beating the campaign. These best Warcraft Rumble combat tips will help beginners understand the foundational combat mechanics of the game, and help experienced players past the game’s notorious difficulty spikes.

5 Play Minis That Synergize With Each Other

Tanks Backed Up By Ranged Minis Are Hard To Beat

Warcraft Rumble Troop Squad Formation Combat Tips Necromancer Fire Elemental

In Warcraft Rumble there are a few troops that work well when deployed together in specific ways. For example, a melee Tank mini won’t be able to do much about Flying enemies, but a Ranged character a few steps behind them can deal with airborne minis instead. The Tank will keep the attention of ground minis, most of the time, providing a buffer for the Ranged mini against incoming melee troops.

Similarly, some Flying minis can’t grab chests or defend themselves against Ranged ground troops. Sending in a melee bruiser who can charge and disrupt these ground-to-air enemies is essential to keeping Flying minis alive. Large squads are susceptible to AoE and cleave damage, which is where Unbound troops, who can distract and turn enemies around, come in handy.

4 Learn How To Counter Enemy Mini Types

Bombard Minis Melt Squads, Ranged Minis Snipe Air Units, Etc

Warcraft Rumble Combat Tips Counter Enemy Mini Types

All minis in Warcraft Rumble have strengths and weaknesses associated with various traits. Some of these may seem obvious, like AoE minis being strong against Squads, which conveniently have low HP and group together closely. Others, like Elemental, are less obvious and require players to go into the collection screen to learn more.

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Learning the strengths of each mini trait is a key part of countering enemy minis – it’s a bad idea to send in a lone Ranger against a Tank, just as it is to send in a horde of Angry Chickens against an AoE bombarder. Tap the “Info” button after highlighting a mini to see its associated traits, which give insight into how they can be used to counter enemy troops effectively.

3 Spend Gold Wisely In Matches, And Don’t Underestimate Kobolds

Managing Income Is A Major Part Of Tipping The Scales

Warcraft Rumble Combat Tips Gold Income Treasure Nodes

During a match, Warcraft Rumble players passively recharge their spendable Gold every few seconds, but this Gold recharge rate can be increased with clever use of Kobolds. They cost one Gold to send out, and will mine Gold nodes on the map that they come across. These Gold Nodes can have up to three Gold available to mine at any one time.

Only send out a Kobold if the nodes on their path will yield at least two Gold, to make up for the cost of the Kobold and earn an extra Gold. Some paths and maps feature several Gold nodes, sometimes two or three along a single pathway – which means a Kobold could potentially net five extra Gold for players to spend, as long as its not interrupted.

Consider sending out Kobolds with an accompanying Squad to keep them safe, or use cheap Unbound units to protect them in enemy territory.

2 Study The Map For Routes & Enemy Minis For Weaknesses

Come Up With A Strategy Before The Match Starts Instead Of Winging It

Warcraft Rumble Pause Game Study Map Strategy Combat Tips

One of the worst mistakes Warcraft Rumble players can make is jumping into a match without any preparation. After selecting a level, the map will load in, but the match won’t start until players press the “Start” button. During this pre-match phase, it’s possible to learn about enemy minis, defenses, and bosses by tapping on them. Additionally, players can see the routes on the map, and strategize how best to approach the level’s intersecting pathways.

RELATED: How Warcraft Arclight Rumble Handles MicrotransactionsThere is a lot of information to learn about an opponent during this pre-match phase. But in PvE game modes, players can gain another advantage: pausing immediately after starting the match reveals enemy’s first moves, as well as players’ available starting minis. Without unpausing, use this time to consider the best placement of your minis, and how to counter minis the enemy places down as soon as the game starts.

1 Don’t Be Afraid To Go Back To Square One

If A Squad & Leader Aren’t Working Out, Try Something New

Warcraft Rumble Defeat Combat XP Chain Lightning Uncommon Rarity

Sometimes, Warcraft Rumble can be a confusing game, in which the best move is to not play at all. If a level in the campaign or a dungeon boss is proving particularly difficult, even after several attempts, it might be time to head back to the drawing board and come up with a new setup, leader and troops both.

Raene Wolfrunner, the final opponent in the Ashenvale zone, is one boss that often proves to be players’ breaking point. But minis like the Stonehoof Tauren, who charge in, and the Abomination, which pulls one away from the rest, can be instant game-changers when swapped into a squad.

Ultimately, if a Leader and its troops aren’t able to beat levels repeatedly, try out some new combinations. Sometimes beating a Challenging Stage is as simple as one troop change, while others might require players to completely re-tool their squad from the ground up.

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November 3, 2023

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