Bahraini King Stresses Importance of Establishing Just Peace in Middle East

Sheikh Abdullah Al Khalifa to Asharq Al-Awsat: Bahrain Summit Faces Historic Moment

Bahrain’s Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Political Affairs, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, emphasized that the upcoming Arab Summit in Bahrain is a significant event, given the pressing issues in the region.

In exclusive statements to Asharq Al-Awsat, Sheikh Abdullah highlighted that the summit aims to address both immediate crises and long-term development goals.

“This summit marks a crucial moment for the Arab world, as we tackle issues like the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza, and instability in Sudan, Libya, and Yemen. We need to act fast on security and economic challenges,” he reminded.

Sheikh Abdullah stressed that the summit’s agenda will be packed with tough issues.

He stressed the importance of Arab unity in facing crises and securing national interests through fair and comprehensive peace.

Moreover, Sheikh Abdullah highlighted the strategic significance of the Arab Summit in Bahrain, building on past successes to address the aspirations of Arab nations.

He commended Saudi Arabia’s effective leadership in the previous session, noting its influential and moderate role in the Arab League.

Sheikh Abdullah expressed confidence in Bahrain’s ability to achieve concrete results at the summit, emphasizing the search for innovative solutions to challenges.

He hoped for impactful decisions to bolster Arab security, foster diplomatic resolutions to conflicts, and promote sustainable development.

Sheikh Abdullah underlined Bahrain’s reliance on the outcomes of the Manama Declaration, reflecting a shared desire to enhance Arab cooperation.

Regarding preparations, he assured that every effort had been made to ensure readiness for the summit.

Reflecting on his delegation’s participation in finalizing the summit agenda, Sheikh Abdullah observed optimism among delegation heads for a summit marked by unity and solidarity.

“Despite growing conflicts in the Middle East and global security challenges, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries aim to keep regional balance intact,” affirmed Sheikh Abdullah.

“They’re tightening policies, teaming up with economic groups for mutual gain, and securing maritime safety,” he added.

He stressed that unity and agreement “are vital for stability.”

“There’s a Gulf belief in the need to keep up efforts against challenges through sustainable methods, like boosting self-capabilities, using effective diplomacy, and forming external partnerships,” revealed Sheikh Abdullah.

“Bahrain sees unity among Gulf nations as vital for Arab security. We hope Bahrain’s leadership at the summit will lead to swift action and decisions that protect Arab interests and serve just causes,” he added.

On the Palestinian issue, Sheikh Abdullah emphasized its importance, stating it’s a top priority at the Arab Summit in Bahrain.

“We aim to end the suffering in Gaza soon and ensure peace and security for all in the region,” he asserted.

Regarding Bahrain’s stance on Palestine, he affirmed support for the Arab Peace Initiative and international resolutions, aiming to achieve Palestinians’ rights and establish their independent state through a two-state solution.

He urged the international community, especially the UN Security Council, to implement ceasefire resolutions in Gaza promptly and ensure unhindered humanitarian aid. He also stressed the need for unified Arab action at the summit to stop aggression and end the ongoing crisis.

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