At the end of a high-flying performance against Liverpool, the Union offered another beautiful, magical evening

Puertas with baguette

At home, the Union had a bad habit of mismanaging its first European halves, whether against Toulouse or against Linz. This time, the people of Brussels produced a first 45 minutes of great quality with a man at the helm: Cameron Puertas. The Swiss midfielder single-handedly ate the very young opposing midfield by winning all of his duels. At his side, Lazare and Sadiki raised their level to create a magic triangle from which all the danger started.

By winning duels and recovering balls in the middle of the game, the Union created several big chances such as this shot from Amoura which narrowly missed but especially this one on one lost by Nilsson against the opposing goalkeeper. The Brussels residents were finally rewarded for their efforts thanks to a recovery of the second for the first party so close to offside that they had to wait for the VAR decision. True to his reputation, Amoura won his duel with the goalkeeper after dribbling past him and scored his… fourteenth goal of the season in a burning stadium.

Anodyne corner

Liverpool had so far failed to create a real opportunity. But the characteristic of great teams is to be able to score without being attractive and, even with a majority of U21s, Liverpool remains a great team. On a harmless corner, Quansah took advantage of his solitude in the big rectangle to reignite the suspense in the match. But the football gods had decided to be on the side of the Union and Puertas demonstrated with a big, unstoppable strike why he was indeed the boss of this first period. By offering himself his eighteenth decisive action since the start of the season…

Two in a row

Clean on the ball and finally constant for 90 minutes, the Union took a moral advantage over its opponent and was never going to let go. So much so that the 16,959 spectators present at Lotto Park were closer to witnessing the 3-1 than the 2-2: Puertas, again, saw his second goal of the evening canceled for an arm fault and Nilsson did not fit his header on a perfect assist from Amoura.

While Toulouse beat Linz at the same time, consolidating its second place, the Brussels players and staff could exult: still in Division 1B three years ago, the Union had just beaten Liverpool and will advance for the second time in a row to the warm winter. For a round of 16 against teams like Frankfurt, Ludogorets and Ferencvaros. Hat.

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