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Algeria Shows Interest in China’s Expertise in Building Warships

Jordan will host on Sunday q new round of Yemeni negotiations between the government and the Houthis regarding prisoners and detainees, according to official Yemeni sources.

The talks are taking place under the auspice of the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen (OSESGY) Hans Grundberg.

The military media of the Joint Forces on the western coast of Yemen quoted a member of the government’s negotiating team, Abdullah Abu Houria, who verified that a new round of UN-sponsored prisoner negotiations will take place on Nov. 26 based on the all-for-all principle.

The release of political figure Mohammed Qahtan will be the first topic addressed by the government team.

Abu Houria hoped that the negotiations would succeed in releasing all prisoners, detainees, and forcibly disappeared persons and ending the suffering of all families, most of whom do not know their fate.

Previous negotiating rounds, sponsored by the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), succeeded in releasing two batches of prisoners and detainees, including 1,000 in the first batch and 900 in the second.

The Yemeni government said it seeks to release all detainees according to the “all for all” rule, accusing the Houthis of trying to fail the discussions by being selective or demanding the names of captives who are not detained by the government forces.

During the previous two release operations, the Houthi group released three of the four individuals included in UN Security Council Resolution 2216, including the brother of the former president Nasser Mansour, former Defense Minister Mahmoud al-Subaihi, and military commander Faisal Rajab.

The group still refuses to release Qahtan or provide information about his health condition. Qahtan’s family is not allowed to communicate with him.

Meanwhile, the government warned of the Houthi threat in the Red Sea and their threat to international shipping and commercial shipping lines.

Last week, the Houthis seized the Galaxy Leader cargo ship in the southern Red Sea, saying it was Israeli-owned.

The Yemeni government held a meeting in Aden to address the economic, financial, and monetary conditions and discuss the governor’s report of the central bank.

The meeting stressed the importance of coordination with the Central Bank in implementing precautionary financial and monetary policies and rearranging priorities to help overcome difficult and exceptional circumstances, especially with the cessation of oil exports.

They discussed reforms, coordination between financial and monetary administrations, aspects of integration to control the exchange rates, and enhancing revenues.

According to official media, the government renewed its absolute rejection of the unprecedented Houthi terrorist act that targeted the safety and freedom of international navigation, saying it represents a terrorist attack that disregards the Palestinian-Arab cause, the Yemeni national interest, or international law.

The government warned that the Houthi action, which it described as “terrorist on behalf of the Iranian regime,” would deepen the humanitarian crisis for the Yemeni people and increase the economic burdens.

The officials stressed that the best way to show solidarity and support the Palestinian cause is to unite the Arab and Islamic ranks in confronting the occupying Israeli government and take the necessary steps to stop its crimes until establishing an independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state.

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