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Adán Augusto receives whistles during a cattlemen’s convention in Chihuahua


The Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez hernandezsaid this Monday at an event in Chihuahua that “there will be long life” for the process of transformation initiated by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which generated you whistle during his message at the National Livestock Convention.

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“I have today the honor of representing Mr. president constitutional law of the United Mexican States, licensed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and I do it with pridenot just for him peasantrybut with pride for being part of a government that was democratically elected by the vast majority of the mexicans“.

“For this reason and I tell you with frankness and firmly, there will be long life for this process of transformation which has already started. The majority of Mexicans, the majority of Mexicans are not going back to mistakethere will be transformation for a long time, ”said the federal secretary between some shouts.

In the event that was also attended by the governor baker Maru Camposthe head of Segob said that this is not a “matter of acronym“But the country requires unity to defend interests collective and not from individuals.

Adán Augusto López also referred to the disappearance of rural financial noting that it was a public policy decision focused on serving producers with creditsbut now from the schematic of the Wellness Financial.

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“I congratulate the majority of the states of the country, because they have already begun to set up trusts that will allow the Financial Company, the Fira, the security that the money they invest in the fieldin the support, in the credit to the producers will be guaranteed“, he indicated.

The Secretary of the Interior said that in the current government, public policy focused on field is for strengthen said activity and is different from the “policies of the past”.

This Sunday, Adam Augusto Lopez promised the inhabitants of Chihuahua the same electricity rate that applies in Tabascowhich he said “is the most cheap of the national market”.

The charge Adán Augusto receives whistles during a cattlemen’s convention in Chihuahua appeared first in Latin US.

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