95 minutes in apnea before delivery: the Squadra will do well at the Euro!

Like this qualifying campaign, the stress of the fans lasted until the end of the evening, for 95 minutes. He went up a notch in the first quarter of an hour when Tsygankov (5th) then Sudakov (14th) forced Gianluigi Donnarumma to work. It then mixed with frustration and annoyance when Barella (15th) and Frattesi (30th) clashed with Trubin, then when several highlights were wasted.

The crazy intensity of the first period subsided slightly at the start of the second to transform into nervousness, and further increase the tension. Especially with the rise in power of the Ukrainians, buoyed by the numerous supporters who came to Leverkusen, who increased the attacks on the hour mark by relying on a more aggressive game.

And inevitably, each additional minute brought Italy a little closer to the Euro but took even more of the breath away from both nations. Until the delivery, at around 10:40 p.m., for the Nazionale which will therefore be able to defend its title next June.

Ukraine in play-offs

The hope of competing for a fourth Euro has, however, not gone definitively for the valiant Ukrainians, who well deserve this joy to compensate for the suffering suffered in their country. Thanks to their results achieved last year in the Nations League, Sergei Rebrov’s men will be able to compete in the play-offs next March. They will join Path B with Israel, Bosnia and Iceland. The draw for the duels will be made this Thursday.

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