3 Classic Bungie Games Are Making a Comeback


  • The Classic Marathon Trilogy, a beloved Bungie series from the 90s, is making its way to Steam with revamped graphics.
  • Old-school fans will soon be able to enjoy modern versions of the Marathon games on the platform.
  • While the remastered trilogy is exciting news, recent reports suggest the upcoming modern Marathon game may be facing some challenges.

Bungie has recently announced that the original Marathon Trilogy will be available on Steam soon. Marathon is a beloved Bungie franchise, and old-school fans will be pleased to know that they will be able to play these classics with revamped graphics.

While the studio may be more known for franchises like Halo and Destiny today, the original Marathon trilogy was Bungie’s most important series during the 90s. The first Marathon was released in 1994 for the Apple Macintosh. With a story set in 2794, Marathon put gamers in the shoes of an unnamed officer of the UESC Marathon, a large colony spaceship that was being attacked by a group of aliens. Being released soon after Doom, Marathon carved its place among the first FPS games and was quite successful. The game’s success led to the release of Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity, which had similar gameplay elements and continued the story of their predecessor.


What to Expect From Bungie in 2024

After a not-so-great 2023, Bungie is entering 2024 with a plan revolving around Destiny 2 and possibly more to expect from Marathon.

Now, gamers will finally have the chance to play modern versions of some of the best games made by Bungie in the 90s. The Classic Marathon remaster is being developed by Aleph One Developers, the same people behind Aleph One, a popular open-source Marathon 2 engine in which remasters of the three games were originally made. According to the game’s official Steam page, Classic Marathon is powered by the Aleph One engine, and it comes with optional widescreen HUD support, options to play at 60 FPS, positional audio, and 3D filtering. At the moment, the game does not have an official price or release date.

The Classic Marathon Trilogy is Coming to Steam

While Marathon fans will probably be pleased with these remasters, gamers awaiting Bungie’s modern take on the Marathon franchise may have some reasons to worry. Not only was Bungie hit with layoffs last year, leaving the studio with what was described as a “soul-crushing atmosphere,” but the next Marathon seems to be having a troubled development.

According to recent reports, Bungie made some major shake-ups in Marathon’s creative leadership recently. The game’s old director Christopher Barnett was replaced by Joe Zigler recently, who originally worked on Valorant until 2022. Due to these changes, it’s unclear whether Bungie is entirely satisfied with the development of the upcoming Marathon or not, as there are also reports of some gameplay elements being changed. Apart from the change in directors, though, very little is known about the upcoming title, so all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

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